Favorite Uses For My Oils

Here are a few ways that I uses my oils.  Please note that all the oils linked below here are listed at their retail pricing.  One reason why I’m glad to be a member of Young Living is because I get 24% off on everything (available to all members).   :-)

Valor and Joy are great fragrances for that hot date!  My husband loves their naturally beautiful scents.  Unlike the artificial perfumes, it’s not too overpowering, it’s just the smell of pure goodness.  Joy reminds me of breathing into a bouquet of fresh lilacs!  Best smell ever!

Purification oil: put on pimples and blemishes to get rid of them OVERNIGHT!  Also, keeps the bugs away for when you want to play outside in the summer time.

Lavender has hundreds of uses, but my favorite is to put it on my temples to relieve a stress headache.

Peppermint oil will wake you up and perk up all of your senses.  I use it on my temples and forehead to get me through a long day when I’m exhausted.  I also put it over my stomach and under my tongue to relieve nausea.  It is one of my favorite oils!  Warning though: Do not use peppermint oil or any oil containing methanol on a child under 30 months of age!  It can cause apena and severe respiratory problems.

One time my husband got a horrendous sunburn and as it healed, it itched so badly that he felt like he was going insane!  I got out my peppermint oil and poured it straight on his sunburned back.  It was the ONLY thing that provided him with relief during those few miserable days.  It’s something we laugh at now, but at the time it really wasn’t funny.

I love the Thieves spray and use it on shopping carts, toilet seats, doorknobs, etc to kill germs.  I also have used it on the back of my throat to kill the beginnings strep throat, which I’m prone to get!  I love this stuff!

Frankincense is another wonderful oil!  It is very calming to me and anti-inflammatory.  It has even been shown to kill cancer cells!

I also think it is super cool that Thieves is now being used and diffused in hospitals and nursing homes to control MRSA and staph infections!  This is powerful stuff!

To get rid of a wee one’s cradle cap: mix two drops melaleuca or tea tree oil in a tablespoon of coconut oil and rub on their head.  Note: Always use a carrier oil when using oils on babies and small children. Ask your health practitioner before using any oil on a little one. Oils are very powerful and some can be harmful for the little people, so use caution.

Myrtle oil is good for clearing congestion. Rub a few drops into a TBSP of coconut oil and put on your chest to open up your airways. You can use it on little ones too.  My son’s doctor recommended this treatment when he had a stuffy nose.  It is also helpful for thyroid support.

I love to diffuse lavender and Peace and Calming in the nursery.  Occasionally when it gets smelly in there I diffuse Thieves, which works wonders to get the stink out of there!

Also, when my son has been exposed to sickness, I take 5 drops of Thieves oil, mix with 1 TBSP of coconut oil and rub it on the bottoms of his feet.  And he’s only been sick like twice in his life!

I also love to use my oils in homemade toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, hand sanitizer, mascara, and well, just about anything DIY!  You can pick your scents and have fun with it!

These are just some of the ways we have used our oils.  Here is a complete list of 101 uses for the essential oils that come in the Young Living member starter kit. 

Disclaimer: the suggestions on this site are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any diseases or ailments.  This is just my personal story and what has worked for me and my family.   None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA.  Always ask your health practitioner if you are pregnant or nursing before trying essential oils.  If you have any concerns if essential oils are right for you, ask your health practitioner.

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