Precious Memories

Below is a collection of pictures that bring back such precious memories from our time.

DSC_0992  DSC_0050Brent inside a small Moldovan kitchen.  The beautiful view outside.  Pictures don’t do it justice.

DSC_0989 DSC_0991                                                     Here is the way most people live.  Homes are very old and falling apart, but there is no money to make repairs.  Also, a picture of a wood stove that heats the home and is where they do all the cooking.

DSC_0028I matched the door of this little house that a sweet Christian couple is looking to buy.

IMG_4040IMG_3918 Brent sent greetings to these churches and briefly shared our story of how God worked to bring us together.  Brother Ghiorghi had prayed for a godly wife for Brent several years ago.

IMG_4067IMG_4061 Precious littles!  How can you not love this darling little face?

DSC_1043DSC_0874Delicious food!  The meal on the left is roasted lamb, cold chicken feet soup, pickled tomatoes, homemade feta, raspberry compote and cheese pies – all made on a wood stove with no running water in the house!  The meal on the right is beet slaw, fermented carrots, corn mush, brown bread, beet soup and fried meat patties.  Such complex and interesting flavors that we don’t have here in the US.  I loved that everything is non GMO and organic.  We felt so healthy over there, even with the cleanliness standards being very different.  Many people would all share the same cup and think nothing of it.  🙂  It was good for us to be stretched in that area.

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