The Godly Widows

 “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”  James 1:27

We were privileged to visit some dear widows and take them some groceries.  Most widows in Moldova survive on about $40 a month.

The first dear sister we met was Sister Anna, a precious 83 year old woman who reminded me of the prophetess Anna from the Bible.  This sister could barely walk, she used two canes to get around, but the first thing she did when we got inside her probably 150 square foot home, was drop to her knees and pray a long prayer of grateful thanksgiving to the Lord.   She is so grateful for Jesus and so excitedly looking for His return.  She was so close with Jesus, reading her Bible and talking to Him all throughout the day.  It was evident that He is her best friend.  I marveled at her faith, and her joy in such circumstances.  Tears filled my eyes as she talked to her Savior.  She has nothing, but she has Him!


I didn’t want to forget anything she said.  Through Brother Ghiorghi’s translating we were able to understand and glean from her deep wisdom.

She told us that great persecution was coming and we must continually look toward heaven for Jesus’ return.  She shared how this homosexual movement is a sign of us living the last days. She said she had heard about a pastor in the US who refused to marry a homosexual couple and was sent to prison and fined.  She shared how she prays everyday for all the pastors who still fear God, that they would stay strong on what the Bible says.

She said,  “I hear America is a very big country with lots of wealth, but they have no fear of God in their hearts. You are very young, but you must stay strong in the faith and always fear the Lord.”


She urged us to stay strong in the faith, to not give in and she blessed us in the name of the Lord.  She said, “If I don’t see you on this earth again, I will look forward to seeing you in heaven!”  Wow!  Just gave me chills of excitement.  I gave her our family photo so she can pray for us.  I want to be on her prayer list!

We also visited these other dear sisters and took them some groceries. IMG_3728

This precious woman (the one reclining) had 12 children.  She is now 85 and her prayer was, “Lord, keep me close to you until my last day.”  Here she is with four of her children.



This is our missionary friend’s mother.  She is 84 and still milks her cow everyday, makes cheese, cans, gardens and cooks on a wood stove.   She loves the Lord as well.  DSC_0734

Thank you, Lord for these dear women.  Please watch over, protect and provide for them.  Minister to their needs.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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