Mission Trip To Eastern Europe

Hello Friends, this blog has been silent for way too long.  I’m excited to share about the mission trip our family just went on in early April.  My life will be forever changed from visiting Romania, Moldova and Transnistria.  We stayed with some dear missionary friends of ours who are stationed in Iasi, Romania.   Brother Ghiorghi and Sister Christina Cazacu are their names  and we got to witness firsthand their ministry to orphans, widows, and believers through Gospel Ministries International, the ministry they started.

Thank you to all of those who prayed for us!  Traveling with a toddler, while 6 months pregnant is always challenging, and it is especially difficult when you are traveling overseas.   We could feel the prayers and see God’s hand upon us throughout our trip.  We didn’t get sick the whole time we were over there and our little son, who we affectionately refer to as, “Skipper” adjusted so well.


We arrived in Iasi, Romania (pronounced Yash) after 18+ hours of travel, making for one very long day and short night.  Our flight out of St. Louis was delayed and so it was going to be a really close call to make our connecting flight from Newark to Vienna.  Thankfully, the Lord ordained that the man who sat behind us on the flight to Newark was from that area, and he told us that we must take the bus to our terminal.  He proceeded to tell us that if we would take the tram, we would have to go through security again and we didn’t have time for that.  Without that information we would have most certainly missed our 8.5 hour transatlantic flight.   As it was, we were the last ones to board the big jet plane headed for Vienna.  Thank you Lord!  It is in the little things like that, where you know that He is watching out for you.CameraZOOM-20150331084635283

We were amazed at the strength and faith of the church.  People have nothing, from a material stand point, but they have the joy of the Lord and a close walk with Him that we don’t often see in a land of plenty.  The average wage for a Moldovan in US dollars is $3000 per year, and that is more than most of the villagers make.   We were greatly impressed that the believers pray for everything.

IMG_3731  —Very common sight.

Some additional statistics:  94% of the population of Moldova identifies itself as Orthodox.  There are so many villages still without a Bible-believing church.  Moldova also has the highest rate of alcoholism per capita in the world and ranks number 6 on the scale of countries with the most human trafficking.  People are very needy, but their greatest need is to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


Sheep, goats, cows and horses all roam without fences.

DSC_0625     —– Just a normal village road in Moldova.

DSC_0506  —–Typical housing.

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